Top Tips To Master Emotional Marketing

Remember your last Starbucks visit? In Starbucks, you can get your coffee your way, so you probably ordered anything from the board and had it tailored to your preferences.

You might have asked add ons not because you want to, but you need them. Maybe you went to Starbucks after seeing a friend post a status update on social media and wanted to check for yourself.

There are many causes behind this, but there is one constant thread—emotion.

In essence, emotion drives the majority of our purchasing choices daily. Given the circumstances, your market approach as a marketer should be centred on creating user experiences that both feed and feed off emotions. Thus, it’s crucial to know emotional marketing before planning your next marketing move.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is a marketing and advertising technique that stimulates emotional responses from people for them to learn about your brand, spread the word about it, and purchase your products or services. Emotional marketing often presents an engaging storyline to connect with the target audience more emotionally and intimately.

Furthermore, emotional marketing requires a platform that the client base can easily access to engage and be interesting: social media, films, billboards, digital advertising, podcasts, and tangible items like promotional goods.

Why Is It Important To Focus On Emotions?

When marketing, you should focus on emotions because scientists have discovered that people feel first before thinking. When presented with sensory stimuli, the emotional part of the brain can analyse it in a fifth of the time it would take the cognitive area.

In line with these, Nielsen also published a 2016 research that found that advertising that elicited a higher-than-average emotional reaction from consumers resulted in a 23 % boost in sales compared to typical ads.

Moreover, according to the Harvard Business Review, people value a good emotional relationship with a business more than customers’ satisfaction.

Arguably, you should consider emotions in planning your marketing strategies to see better results. If that sound like a plan, here are some emotional marketing tips you need to know. 

Emotional Marketing Tips You Need To Master

There is a proven way to undertake emotional marketing, just as there is an ideal way to do every other marketing tactic. Consider the following emotional marketing best practices to ensure you’re not messing with your audience’s emotions in the wrong context.

1. Deepen Your Understanding Of Your Target Market

To engage with your audience, you must first know them deeper. What are their most profound fears, wants, problems, and aspirations?

You’ve most likely finished generating detailed buyer personas from your market research by now. Allow it to lead you. If not, it’s time to think about developing your buyer personas.

2. Tell A Story

Use everything you’ve learned about your intended audience to tell a story that they can connect to.

People like stories they may sympathise with, learn from, or get inspiration. Develop something that your audience will want to post and share. Make sure you follow the five basic tenets to bring your tale to life: setting, character, storyline, conflict, and theme.

3. Pay Attention To The Aesthetics Of The Design

It is a well-established truth that colour stimulates strong emotional responses in humans. Blue, for one, has a relaxing effect, whilst red might cause an increase in heart rate. You may use colour to boost the dynamic response of your marketing material as a marketer.

However, colour isn’t the only aspect of design. It’s also possible that it has anything to do with music. If your promotion supports audio, make sure to create the tone with appropriate music and noises that compliment your ad.

4. Keep It Real

Emotional marketing may be risky, so be cautious when using it as a tactic. You can’t mess with emotions or post false claims and hope to get away with it. You must understand your brand’s essential principles and integrate them with your marketing. Your audience can tell whether you’re sincere and honest because they can feel it.

Engage Your Audience's Emotions The Twixxer Way

Twixxer marketing professionals understand that emotional marketing might be challenging to master, but it should not be impossible for marketers to use to their advantage. We’re all human; thus, we’re all wired to experience emotions.

Hence, the next time you’re working on advertising material, think about how you may use emotion to convey a more vital message. Don’t be scared to hit some chords to increase engagement. To keep the relationship genuine and your message real, stick to your commitment. 

If you need help incorporating emotions into your marketing strategies, feel free to reach out to us at Twixxer. Emotional marketing is what we do best, and we’ll be happy to partner with you in achieving your marketing goals.