Nowadays, online marketing is the main instrument for modern brands. You need to be on the Internet to survive into the business model. But there are five surprising things you need to know about it.

1- Quality of creative content is worth your while

Online marketing does not go through a bent path: you need to be creative to be seen. It’s like being an artist: choosing the right message, properly to the brand, have a real impact on the user. It can make him trust or deny your brand. Creativity goes through what you say and what you show because it takes a huge part in your digital branding. Online marketing is mainly based on internet users who read quality more than quantity, even if you need to be regular with the content to be followed, trusted and remembered.

2- Appropriated strategies can help you to become a good friend of google

More than creative content, online marketing is very strict about what you do with your tools. You’re already an artist. But you need to be a planner further. It means you have to build a real strategy to go higher in the engine. It’s like playing a game: if you feed google with good keywords, ad-words and behaviour on social media, it’s going to be interested in you and tell it to everyone. It’s called search engine optimization. 

3- You are currently in relationship with your online community

“Online” does not mean everything is disconnected from reality. Having a game with google does not have to make you forget your goals: you first do it for your users. On the Internet, customers become a community. It is the one who talks about you so look after them and be attentive: your community like to be taking into consideration. You will need to engage and make them loyal: make them feel as ambassadors. You can do it in different ways: personalize a content, humanize it, communicate feelings and confidence; be open to change, organize contests, and reward your community.

4- Competitors versus influencers: an online race for the web

Artist. Planner. Speaker. Being on the online marketing process make you an athlete as well; because you’re always in competition with other relative brands. You can be the first one of the race or at the rear of the pack. But to stay behind, you need strengths and energy of your mind: digital innovative ideas will make the difference. For example, the social media Halloween campaign of Pepsi-Cola. The brand made a creative image where a can was wearing a Coca-Cola cape, with the slogan: “we wish you a scary Halloween”. Coca-Cola had the smart idea to answer with the exact same image but by changing the slogan “everybody wants to be a hero!” This is a perfect example of the competitive race for the web.

5- The fear of bad buzz

Having a brand on the Internet, it’s caring about it as it was your baby. And a baby, it’s a 24/24 job. For online marketing, it’s the same. Especially if you have an international brand. Because customers can react from anywhere at any time, and you must be very reactive to it, even during night time. Having this continuous workforce will help you to manage and go over crisis: you must know an unhappy user talk in a negative way, about a brand he was disappointed with, to at least eleven people.