Big businesses or small, as marketers, increasing web traffic towards your brand is of utmost importance, especially in a socially evolving world as ours. The growing importance of social media combined with new SEO algorithms in today’s user-driven market has only led to the rise of newer social strategies to boost a brand’s SEO: it is more than just about link building.

Let’s take a look at 5 sure-fire ways to ensure that your SEO game is further elevated by an effective social media strategy:

UGC is King!

User-generated conversations across Facebook and Twitter matter! If anything, reviews on the social pages of e-commerce websites have taught us that. It is time to take that seriously; listening to social chatter and reviews across your brand’s social media pages can lead to a better understanding of a brand’s weakness, help innovate strategies based on feedback and hence build trust with existing customers as well as in acquiring new ones!

Be present on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Search engines care about your brand’s social media, so make sure you have relevant social channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a must for most businesses and most search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo always tend to favour social media profiles during searches. 

Active is necessary!

While having a wide social media presence is considered the first step towards better SEO, a brand’s ability to stay on top of latest news and events across these channels also enhances its opportunities to be ranked higher across search engines. Effective and engaging campaigns, creative contests and everyday events posted across social media channels can help boost engagement and help brands create more UGC and contribute to a higher overall ranking across search engines. 

Make it Personal

While “engaging” posts are a mandate, adding a dash of human touch to your brand engagement across social media platforms can greatly improve branding, eventually leading to better SEO. Make a point to add some humour to your posts, show the empathetic side to your business by taking a stand on social matters, be gracious about audience’ feedback, and involve more posts, photos about people within the organizations – a personal touch to your engagement strategy gives your audience the ability to strike a chord with your brand. 

Create unique Keywords across Social Media Channels

While creating and curating content keep in mind to be creative and use unique keyword(s) while posting across social media channels that audiences can use to relate with your brand. Since Facebook and Twitter offer “trending posts”, it becomes easier to manage effective content under unique keywords that create buzz around a brand’s post. This, in turn, leads to more searches across search engines leading to better rankings and hence better SEO. Also, unique keywords help the audience remember the brand better, thus creating opportunities for new audiences and more brand chatter across the web.