Understanding the California Annual Fees for Business Entities

Understanding the California Annual Fees for Business Entities

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The fees surrounding California incorporation make people very upset and rightly so. The fees that are charged are classic examples of a government completely out of control and one that makes life tough on its citizens and businesses. Let’s take a look at a few of the maddening fees.

The most aggravating fee by far is the annual $800 fee. This fee must be paid by corporations and LLCs. The fee is charged for the “privilege of doing business in California.” I kid you not. That is exactly what it says and that should tell you all you need to know about the arrogance of California politicians.

The second fee that aggravates is not a heavy burden per se, it is just annoying. Business owners must file biannual statements of information that cost $25 dollars each time. The question is why must these be filed? There is no real reason, but you can see how the government might want to know who is running a business. Still, is this really needed twice a year? I doubt it.

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